Testimonials From Our Customers

My name is Y.X, Here is my mom’s testimony

Lots of people started to develop a variety of health problems after menopause. My Mom was one of them. She had heart problems, excessive stomach acid problems, kidney problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and eczema. She’s always in a bad mood due to her health. Before knowing Dr. Wong, all I can do for my Mom was taking her to doctors who kept giving her medications that only helped her in the short term and relieved her problems temporarily. The medications she took also had many side effects. Things started to change after we get to know Dr. Wong. Dr. Wong is an experienced caring doctor who really spends time to get to know my Mom’s health problems. Dr. Wong performed acupuncture on my Mom based on her condition. After a few times of acupuncture, my Mom’s knees are not swollen anymore. Her heart, stomach acid, eczema, and kidney problems also get well without any medications. Acupuncture also helps her overall immune system to get stronger. Both my Mom and I feel so thankful for knowing Dr. Wang. 4/12/2013

My name is J.T, Here is my health condition testimony

The Chinese medicine practitioners at Fu Kang acupuncture clinic are real angels. their love for the patients and being responsible are really rare and commendable.

Last year after i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism,  as well as having a surgery to take out my gallbladder, my body lack the ability of self healing, my weight started to drop and I couldn’t fall asleep at night, which led me to find a alternative option. This clinic was my first pick , after the second treatment of acupuncture, a miracle happened, I stopped using sleeping medicine that I have been relying on for more than half a year. until today, I have never again needed my medicine. My weight started to restore to normal. and as my body gets better, it felt as if I have unending power piano service at church as well as everyday piano lessons.

They used their precious Chinese medicine to cure patients with masterly skill, they restore the body to a balance to help with the immune system. after their help, my skin as well as skin color are all looking better. I was shocked that acupuncture also helped beautify.

I met them at a church, i found out they were devoted Christians. Their work glorifies God, other than curing of the body, they also cure the mind by spreading the good words of Jesus Christ, they pray for the patients. Hope god would use them to spread more of his word. may god bless them. 12-21-2014

福康针灸诊所的中医师在我的眼里是真正的白衣天使, 对病人的爱心和尽心治疗实在难能可贵!

去年在我经过了甲亢病和胆囊摘除手术后,身体丧失自愈能力,体重下降和无法睡眠 ,促使我寻求中医疗法。 该诊所当然是我的首选, 在第二次针灸治疗后, 奇迹发生了。 我居然停止服用已经依赖了大半年的镇静剂。 一直到一年以后的今天, 我再也不需要用药物来帮助睡眠了。 我的体重也逐渐恢复了正常。 因着身体的康复, 我在教会的钢琴服侍和日常的钢琴教学,都有用之不竭的力量。

他们用中国宝贵的中医治病救人。 医术精湛, 全身调理和打通经络来增强病人的免疫和康复能力。 经过他们细心的调理,我的气色和皮肤都有了活力。 居然针灸还有美容的功效,可惊可叹!

我是在教会认识他们的, 知道他们是虔诚的基督徒。 他们属灵的美德在工作当中荣神益人。 除了治疗身体的病痛, 还为人的灵魂洗涤得救而努力传福音,为病人祷告。相信神会不断的使用他们成为传福音的管道。 愿神继续祝福他们!

My name is R.Y, Here is my testimony

I was having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. Every day I ate a lot of medicine, but all the medicine had side effects. My face was often red, my abdomen was large, and there was an approximately 4 mm neck tumor on my neck. Earlier this year, I felt like half of the body was numb. I was also drooling and have a strong headache. When I drank, I would cough. I felt horrible. I went to see Dr. Kevin Wang. After his consultation, He said the numbness in my body is caused by a ‘mini’ stroke. This was actually very dangerous. I then underwent his acupuncture treatment, my illness was soon cured. Gradually my high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar have returned to normal, the neck tumor also disappeared. He also gave me dietary treatment. Now my face is not red. It is pink. Acupuncture also reduced the size of my abdominal greatly. I am very grateful to Fu Kang Acupuncture clinic’s Kevin Wang physician.  3/20 /2015
我是一个患有高血压,高胆固醇,高血糖的病人,每天要吃很多的西药,也给我带来了一定的副作用。我的面部经常发红,腹部也较大,颈部还有一个约4 mm大的肉瘤。今年初,我感觉半边身子麻木,流口水,头痛,喝水时有呛咳,我感觉不太好,就去看了 kevin wang 中医师,经他会诊,他说我有中风的前兆等疾病,经王医师的针灸治疗,我的病症很快就治愈了。逐渐的我的“三高症”指标已恢复正常,颈部的肉瘤也消失了,他还根据我的身体情况给我制定了食谱。现在我的面部不红了,是粉色,腹部也被针灸减小了,我非常感谢 Fu Kang Acupuncture clinic’s kevin wang医师.

My name is I. T, Here is my testimony of my health condition

My body is very weak ever since my childhood. When I was working in China, I often got cold, and with upper back pain and lower back pain. And just one to two bites of deep fried stuff or Honey Dew, then my throat got sore and started coughing. One Chiropractor did heal my back pains, but the pains were back again when I migrated to the States three years later. And most of the medical practitioners told me that I was fine. Thus I had to look for the best Chinese medicine practitioner. To my surprise, two Chinese medicine practitioners scolded me away after several treatments. At that time I really did not understand why.

Thanks God, through a friend, I met Dr. Wang. Only after one period of continuous treatment, i.e. 10 times of acupuncture sessions, my symptoms of coughing all night and not able to sleep was all gone. Dr. Wang also gave me dietary treatments. That is telling me what I can eat and what I can’t eat. And I was informed that I have Yin deletion and my lungs are weak. For my Yin is so weak that excessive fire like energy burns in my body….Thus I know it is a very tough disease to cure. Finally I understand why the two Chinese practitioners scolded me away for most of the Chinese doctors do not know how to cure it. Now my back pains have healed as well. I actually have forgotten that I had many years of back pain and low back pain. Thanks to Dr. Wang 7/12/2015

My name is A.T, Here is my health condition testimony

Since childhood, I’ve had severe motion sickness, seasickness problems. Whenever I was on a car or a boat, I would experience dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.   I would then lie in bed for half a day to recover.  When I was a child, almost once a year I would be sick due to dizziness, nausea and vomiting symptoms. I then would need to lie in bed for 3-5 days to recover.Now, as I reach an older age, I am not as strong as before.  My doctors checked blood pressure and electrocardiogram. They were normal. However, I am experiencing joints, muscles, back pain, and have poor mental conditions.  On top of this, I am experiencing complications related to menopause, so I do not want to go out, socialize, or learn. I feel weak all the time and therefore stay at home, sleep and rest.

Once I had food poisoning, I vomited and had diarrhea in the middle of the night. My stomach was very painful. My family couldn’t even send me to the family doctor, because I would experience severe dizziness and vomiting to the extent that I couldn’t even walk.  Thanks to Fu Kang acupuncturist, Dr. Wang, who knew that I was sick and came to my house. He treated me with Acupuncture. Immediately after, the dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea went away. I can then sleep and rest. Even though the food poisoning got cured, I decided to continue my treatment with Dr. Wang. After just one course of treatment, i.e. 10 sessions of acupuncture treatments, my back pain, muscle pain went away and my menopause complications also went away. Now when I go on boats or car, I do not feel dizzy anymore. My body feels strong. I thank god for providing me with such good doctor like Dr. Wang. 5-4-2016

My name is Y.H, Here is my mother-in-law’ testimony

Last Saturday morning, my mother-in-law suffered with the severe pain on her lower back. She had hard time to walk. We took her to acupuncture immediately. After treatment for three days. She didn’t have to use crutches anymore on the following Monday. Thank you so much, Dr. Wang. Your medical skill is outstanding! 5-18-2016

My name is Y.Z, Here is my testimony

Before my trip to China last week, my gums was swelling and painful. I knew that I could depend on acupuncture from Fu Kang Acupuncture Clinic. The swelling was quickly reduced after the treatment. I had no pain on the next day and could went to the trip healthily and happily. Acupuncture heals toothache with wonderful effects. 9-14-2016

My name is J.L, Here is my health condition testimony

would like to share my experience. My menstruation started to have abnormalities. It was a horrible endless bleeding. I was very scared under such an emergency situation. I went to a nearby doctor who prescribed Chinese herb medicine for me. The medication however didn’t helped me at all. After I transferred to Dr. Wang at Fu Kang Acupuncture Clinic, the bleeding stopped instantly. My health was restored because of Dr. Wang’s high medical skills and ethics. 11-16-2016

My name is W.F, Here is my testimony of my health condition

I had bleeding due to uterine fibroid. After receiving acupuncture treatments from Fu Kang Acupuncture Clinic, not only the severe bleeding stopped but also the fibroid shrank. After a while, my gynecologist couldn’t even find the fibroid. The painful surgery was being able to avoid. I feel grateful to Dr. Wang for his high skilled treatments. Besides, acupuncture saved me from insomnia and physical weakness. I felt so comfortable after each treatment. My heart felt gratitude to Dr. Wang for his excellent treatments. 1/9/2017

My name is L.M, Here is my health condition testimony

I had chronic pharyngitis for many years. It used to attack me in winters. Lately, the problem occurred all year round so I coughed a lot. I tried quite a lot Chinese herb medicines but nothing really helped. A good friend of mine referred me to Fu Kang Acupuncture Clinic. I decided to try acupuncture in the summer season. My first treatment was on July 11. After three treatments, my throat felt much better. I continue to receive treatments three times a week for three weeks. The improvement was obvious. Moreover, Dr. wang also treated my anxiety with a noticeable improvement. I even had weight lost. I am amazed by the effectiveness of the traditional medicine of our motherland. Once again, my thanks to Dr. Wang for his kind heart and medical skills to bring me to the rejuvenation of my health. 7/30/2017

My name is Y.W, Here are my mom and father-in-law’ testimony

My mom had headache problems for many years. Because she had health insurance so she went to see the doctor who ordered exams and prescribed painkillers. Later, painkillers became less effective. She didn’t want to overdose causing more problems. So she tried acupuncture treatment. Dr. Wang made decision of treatment carefully. Only in two days, the frequency and duration of headache was significantly reduced. Her dependency on painkillers was ended today!

My father-in-law came to visit us and caught singles which spread out to his waist. He was not covered be health insurance at the time. We admitted him to Fu Kang Acupuncture Clinic. After the intensive treatment for three days, he was miraculously healed with fresh scabs. Such a speedy recovery was just like a miracle!  10-2-2017

My name is W.L, Here is my mom’s testimony
My mom went to Dr. Wang because of painful and stiff joints in her legs. The pain and stiffness were so severe that she had to lie in bed and could not take care of household chores. After a couple of months of acupuncture, she was able to move about without pain. There was an unexpected “side-effect”. My mom have had lymphodema since her mastectomy 20 years ago. Her left arm and left hand were visibly swollen. After acupuncture, her lymphedema simply disappeared! It’s an evidence that acupuncture treats the whole person, not just one symptom. Acupuncture promoted lymph circulation throughout the body. We are very grateful for Dr. Wang’s excellent technique! 5-3-2018


My name is L.W, Here is my husband’s testimony

This past summer my husband drove to DC from Chicago. It was an eleven hour drive. We were worried if it’s too much for him, because of his lower back pain caused by bad golf posture in his 20’s. It has been bothering him for many years. Usually, after driving 1.5 to 2 hours he will need to get out of the car to stretch and alleviate the back pain. This time though, he did not need to stop except for meals. He did not experience back pain driving to and from DC. Thanks to Dr. Wang’s preventative treatment before the trip! 11-10-2018


My name is C.M, Here is my health condition testimony
I have always been prone to get sick ever since i was young, especially cold, fever and/or sore throat, a good friend of mine referred me to Fu kang acupuncture clinic, after a few treatment by Dr.Wang my body felt more immune to these disease. Even when I do get a cold, it tend to wear off the next day. thank you doctor Wang for your treatment 11/16/2018
My name is Z.L, Here is my testimony of my health condition

There are many people catching flu recently. Unfortunately, I caught it too. It was getting worsened during the course. I was sleepless for the entire night. Dr. Wang used to treat my other illnesses so I trusted him very much. I thought he might be able to save me from the misery this time. Miracle did happened! My body ache along with headache quickly diminished. I felt very much relieved instantly. I would like to share my experience with other patients that acupuncture indeed is very effective to treat and prevent flu. Thank you so much, Dr. Wang. You blessed me with restoring my health. 1-12-2019